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Patient Responsibilities

Patient Responsibilities

1. Providing Information:

Patients are responsible for providing accurate and complete information about complaints, past illnesses, hospitalizations, medications, and other matters relating to their mental health to the best of their knowledge.

When the patient intentionally withheld information, it is the patient’s responsibility to accept the consequences of these decisions if complications occur.

2. Adherence to Medical Care:

It is the patient’s responsibility to follow up on the provider’s instructions, take medications when prescribed and ask questions concerning his or her own health care that he or she feels is necessary.

3. Respect and Professionalism:

Access Psych Med providers have the right to terminate the session prematurely if the patient is being inappropriate and abusive. Patients will be charged the normal session even if the session is terminated prematurely due to inappropriate behavior.

4. Refusal of Treatment:

Patients are responsible for their actions if they refuse treatment or do not follow the provider’s instructions and recommendations.